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Utför detta call

Ping pong circulate


Linier cycle

Boy walk girl dodge

Follow your neighbor and spread

Spin the top

Right and left thru

Dixie style

Boy follow your neighbor and spread

Diamond circulate

Flip the diamond

Cast of

Line forward and back



Ferries wheel

Doubble pass thru

Track two


Veer left

Couple circulate

Chain down the line

Dixie style

Swing thru

Girl run

Wheel and deal

Swing thru

Acey deucey once and a half

Wave of six Grand swing thru

Girls have a diamond Diamond circulate

Girls flip your diamond

Boys hinge and roll

Pass thru

Look for 2 new diamonds Flip those diamonds

Those who can recycle the other wheel and deal

Star thru

Partner trade

Pass the ocean


Square thru three

Trade by

Slide thru

Pass the ocean

Acey deucey


Pass the ocean

Swing thru

Spin the top

Liner cycle

Pass the ocean

Relay the deucey

Spin chain the gear

Swing thru

Boy run

Wheel and del sweep

Pass the ocean

Spin chain and exchange the gear

Boy run Promenade home